Answers To Common Atelier Interactive Questions

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What’s new about Atelier Interactive?
Atelier Interactive isn’t really new anymore. It is made in Australia and has been popular there for many years.

What does it do that is different?
You can keep it wet as long as you like by spraying from time to time with Unlocking Formula.

What is Unlocking Formula?
It is a nontoxic solvent that keeps the AI paint wet and workable.

Does it work with other brands?
No, the paint itself and Unlocking Formula are designed to work together. Unlocking Formula does not work with other brands.

What do I do if I want it to dry fast?
Just don’t use any Unlocking Formula.

How in general should I go about using Atelier Interactive? I have got used to painting outdoors with Golden Open and in studio mostly with Golden Heavy Body because the Golden Open takes so long to dry.
You only need one set of paint (plus some mediums) when using Atelier Interactive, because the same paint can dry fast or it can be kept wet as well. When you want to dry paint that you have been keeping wet with Unlocking Formula, just stop spraying and let it dry.

Are there any special situations I need to know about?
The paint has a curing time after it is touch dry, so that if you want to overpaint vigorously as in sgraffito (scratchback), you will need to fast cure the under layer by spraying it with white vinegar.

That sounds really weird!
It causes a simple chemical change that cures the paint instantly.

Varnishing can always be a problem with any painting. Is there anything that I need to be aware of?
It is always a good idea to try a sample swatch before you commit to a new kind of varnish. However, you will find that the new Universal Medium/Varnish can be applied immediately after your painting has dried, and it will provide you with the most attractive water-based varnish finish available.

Note: There are mediums which make wet blending easier, and traditional mediums for layering etc.

Special Note for artists just beginning to use acrylics

Many beginners don’t buy mediums to start with, believing that they will get on top of the painting process first. We recommend that you use the Clear Painting Medium as a lubricant for your acrylic paint even in your first painting, because acrylics do dry fast if you don’t control them.

Please read the Information Downloads on this website about mediums and varnishes you may be interested in.