Using Atelier Interactive

Atelier Interactive dries from the bottom up instead of forming a skin.
We set out here some ways to use it.

TRADITIONAL: For all traditional techniques just paint as usual, the drying time is only slightly longer. You should also add traditional mediums for fast layering.

NEW: There are two methods to keep your paint wet for blending

Method 1. When you want to keep going, spray your painting with a water mister from time to time, and the moist paint will absorb more moisture so you can keep going.

Method 2. This is the preferred method, because Unlocking Formula sprayed with an mister not only keeps wet paint wet, it rewets paint which is dry enough not to respond to being sprayed with water. This means that when you are using the Unlocking Formula, you do not have to be watchful to maintain wetness. You can even take a lunch break and come back when you use Unlocking Formula, because it rewets paint which has just dried.

Jim Cobb's short video shows you briefly what is different about Atelier Interactive and how you could use it to your advantage.

When you are blocking in, you will want your paint to be fast drying so you will use Atelier Interactive "traditional" mediums in the same way that you would use any other painting mediums.

Unlocking Formula is magical when you want to keep your paint wet for more blending. When you want to keep going, you spray Unlocking Formula with your mister or add to the paint on your brush for a localized effect.

You will also be able to rewet the paint which is already dry. Just spray and wait a moment and you can go on wet blending. You can also recapture dry colors from your palette.

Unlocking Formula dries fast, so that when you have finished, your painting will dry quickly.

Atelier Interactive, when you use Unlocking Formula with it, gives you a control that no other acrylic paint can offer. Note that this does NOT work if you have used traditional mediums.

Continuing with videos showing the basic properties of Atelier Interactive, we would like to offer Mitch Waite's Plein Air video next. It was made some years ago in France, so please bear in mind that there is now an update to Mitch spraying his painting with water. As you can see this does work, but you have to be alert and ready to keep spraying to prevent the paint from setting up too much. Today using Unlocking Formula, you can be forgetful or even decide to take a lunch break, and you can still come back and keep blending the way Mitch did in those early days.

This video was made years ago and is pivotal. It predates Chroma’s recommendation of how to use Unlocking Formula, and it also predates the launching of Golden's Open, which many Americans seem to think is similar to Atelier Interactive. Atelier Interactive has always been a fast drying paint that you can keep wet, and the availability of Unlocking Formula provides the freedom to relax when you are painting wet-in-wet, and Atelier Interactive remains an all-purpose paint.